Founder and CEO


The Von Brinkley Brand was founded and created by owner and entrepreneur Erik Von Brinkley. It all started when Von Brinkley became a member of the Long Beach Community as a young boy in 1978.  It was not too long after this that his entrepreneurial endeavors started to blossom.  As a way to financially sustain himself, he started purchasing hats from The LA Fashion District and selling them to his friends.  He also consistently organized yard sales, selling whatever goods he could find, and making a profit.  After high school, encouraged by his hair stylist at the time, Von Brinkley put himself through hair school, started working as a hairstylist, and began marketing himself as a professional hairstyling brand, Von Brinkley.  Over the last thirty-plus years, through his off-grid, personal, and entrepreneurial lifestyle needs, the Von Brinkley Brand evolved organically.  Today, it is a full spectrum brand that includes clothing, home furnishings, accessories and more.  

Erik Von Brinkley's multidimensional lifestyle demanded simple, durable, yet stylish designs.  Designs and accessories that could take him from a hair styling appointment to a business or community meeting, to working in his garden, to an off-grid road trip in his RV, and finally to a relaxing evening wine down with friends.

In 1978, as a young boy, when Von Brinkley became part of the Long Beach community, he always enjoyed his community connections.  Today, as a Long Beach community member, he still enjoys his connections; and what he equally enjoys is participating in the city's growth and sustainability efforts on all levels.  True to his creative spirit, whether living off-grid or not, designing to meet the needs of other entrepreneurial creatives and community members is at the heart of what fuels and inspires him.  If you stop by, that's exactly what you'll find him doing-creating ❤️