VB Furniture Reupholstery

Von Brinkley Designs Merged Under Von Brinkley Brand

Von Brinkley has been reconstructing furniture for the past 20 years. Inspired by the simplicity of classic mid-century furniture, he set out to add some flair with pops of color, interesting textures and metallic accents to glam up each piece. 

Today, most of the pieces featured will be reconstructed pieces that are either a collaboration between Von Brinkley and his client's style and desires, or one of kind unique pieces he designed for the art of designing.

If you have a beloved chair, or a family heirloom, and are interested in learning more about my reupholstery design services, please send an email to: VB1978@VonBrinkleyBrand.com with the following information.

Your name

Your contact information

Type of Furniture Piece

A General Idea of your reupholstery vision

City and State of where furniture resides

We will respond within 48 hours to book a consultation appointment by phone or in person.